GPS Speed Camera Detector

  • Alerts to all fixed and mobile speed camera including Vulchers, Gatso, Truvelo, Specs, Hadecs and Red Light cameras giving both voice and visual alerts.

  • Includes a database of mobile laser high risk zones also has an inbuilt laser detector for double protection.

  • DriveSmart Evo knows the speed limit at alert locations and is powered by the Laser Elite database with over 10 years of UK use and development.

  • Fully adjustable for alerts, volume, brightness, range, camera types etc. Comes with windscreen mount, 12v cigar lighter power leads and USB update cable. Dash mount and hardwire leads are available.

  • FREE lifetime speed camera database updates (PC only, not Mac). Comes pre-loaded with the latest database and 12 months UK warranty. Fully UK Legal.

DS Pro Evo Database Update

PC Software Update