GPS / Laser / Radar

Radar and laser detection with NO false radar alerts. The radar detector can be set to only become active within range of a speed camera location. UK Legal the DriveSmart Alpha works straight out of the box and comes with FREE database updates. Detects all the latest mobile laser vans and fixed speed camera's including:

Mobile Laser Vans, Vulchers, Specs Average, Gatso, Truvelo, Hadecs, Monitron, Redflex Traffic light Camera's

Alpha Database Update

PC Software Update

Frequently Asked Questions

Mobile camera vans, and mobile police units do not fire at every vehicle that drives past. There needs to be a reasonable suspicion that you are speeding in the first place. If you have driven past at the correct speed limit, they will not shoot the speed camera at you.

You should get an alert from the GPS database though. If this did not happen, please get in touch or submit your location so we can cross reference our speed camera database.

It is possible that the incorrect database has been uploaded to your Drivesmart. If this happens, your unit will stop working. To resolve the issue, make sure you download the correct product database and run the update again.

Your unit is probably in Dark Mode. Scroll through the menu and uncheck this option. Dark mode enables you to toggle off the display when driving at night. It stops glare from the display that you might find distracting.

Scroll through the menu and make sure Dark Mode is switched off. This can be used when you are driving at night. It darkens the display, but keeps the audio alerts active. This prevents a distracting glare when you are driving at night.

This is generally caused by installing an incorrect update to the Alpha. Make sure you have downloaded, and installed, the correct database. It might also be a faulty power lead. If you have this issue, please give us a call on 01483 522 225.

Scroll through the menu and make sure you have Smart Radar switched on. The Drivesmart Alpha, utilizes new technology which effectively filters out these false alerts by cross referencing them against the speed camera database. An industry first.

This could be a couple of things. Firstly, scroll through the menu and make sure you have Cruise Over Speed Warning off. This is a speed you can set which, when exceeded, will trigger an alert. So if this is set to 40MPH, you will be alerted everytime you exceed this speed. If you want this setting to remain on, it is advisable that you set it to 70MPH.

The other option to check is Continue Alert For Overspeed Warning On. This will alert you to the speed limit of the road when you are approaching a speed camera. This can also be switched off, but it is advisable to keep it on.

You probably have the speed set to KPH. This can be changed in the settings.

This is not a fault but a feature of modern cars which are over calibrated so they cannot be culpable in any speeding offence and to allow for any changes in wheel or tyre sizes. There will be some lag in acceleration or braking but at a constant speed the DriveSmart will be more accurate. There is a setting in the menu to add a few MPH to the shown speed to level this up with your speedo if you want to.

You have probably updated the unit with the wrong file (Loaded the DriveSmart Pro update on the Alpha for example.) Simply re-update with the correct file and this should solve this.

You can change the clock time to adjust for GMT/BST and European time zones. Scroll through the menu and add or remove an hour or more as required.